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Sign up today and get our $49 Initial Treatment!! We also offer Free Estimates, please feel free to call us and speak to one of our team members.

Today we have a reputation for providing fast, reliable, on-time service for our many customers. The success of our company can be contributed to you dedicated, hard working employees who commit to getting your house rid of unwanted pests.Berrett Pest Control has revolutionized the Colorado Springs pest control world!

With customer services becoming a trademark of our business, we have been able to maintain loyal customers that have stayed around through the changing times of the pest control industry. If you have unwanted guests and havenít been able to get rid of them either by yourself or by using another Dallas pest control company, contact Berrett today.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Pest Extermination Services in Colorado Springs, CO | Berrett Pest Control

Berrett Pest Control offers a variety of pest control services for homes and businesses in Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas. We treat anything from a common roach to rats to bed bugs. We are family owned and operated and have become known for our thorough, reliable, on-time services.

Bed bugs are becoming a common complaint in Colorado. They are small insects that are nocturnal and feed on human blood. They love to make themselves at home in bedding, on mattresses, or even on walls. They do not carry any diseases but have a highly itchy, irritating bite. If you live in Colorado Springs and you think you have bed bugs, you will want to have an expert like us come in and investigate and treat if necessary.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, call Berrett Pest Control today to find out more about the bed bugs in Colorado Springs services we offer

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